Phong House

PHONG HOUSE is built on special land with a wide façade and a small backside. Located in the city, but it is not a typical house like other houses in urban areas in Vietnam.


With more than 113m2 of land, we decided to utilize most of the land to create a functional living space for a three-generation family. The 3-storey house is designed with one living room, three bedrooms, one kitchen, one worship room, one big working room, and other auxiliary spaces to make generations in the family communicate easily and conveniently. With three sides of the house, adjacent to neighbors’ houses and the façade, close to the street, we must find ways to get more natural light into the whole of the house to create shining and airy spaces as much as possible.


When looking at the images below, surely many people will not be able to recognize the asymmetry of the land with the wide façade and the small backside. To solve this problem, we decided to design a house with curves for both the front elevation and the interior. More focus is put on the semicircular concave of the façade, giving the house a unique character and making it look best no matter how unbalanced the land is. Besides, the materials chosen for the house are in a streamlined style, but they can make dwellers feel the natural light and wind right in their house.

The husband and wife’s working area is their favorite. The room with the large glass skylight on the roof to invite the natural sunshine into the house and allow the cool air to be drawn through the window as much as possible helps them feel comfortable and work efficiently. Using white and wood interiors, finding ways to bring light and wind into the house, and planting trees in the house, we want to create a modern, fresh and comfortable space.


It can be said that looking at the house, people can see the elegant style and needs of the dwellers.


The house, heating with the sun, cooling with the wind, lighting with the sky, and having unlimited in view, but is still secure and private when needed. That’s all we oriented for PHONG HOUSE